To whom this may concern,

I write this brief letter to applaud the great service standards Netstar GO has offered me throughout the past two years. Being a young entrepreneur and emerging farmer, this service has greatly assisted in shedding the workload one has on a daily basis.

It's always refreshing to know that I can go on the website and there is someone there eager to lend a hand. Most particularly I would like to single out Fisani for her outstanding enthusiasm, kindness and professionalism. She is the epitome of excellent service and deserves a star for her dedication to her work.

Keep up the great work.

Kind regards,


A Netstar GO Customer


Hi Dichaba,

I really appreciate your speedy and professional response to my request.

Thank you and keep up this extraordinary work with all your clients...

Happy client :)

Kind regards,

A Netstar GO Customer


Good day Amanda

I would like to thank you for all your help with the problem on my father’s account up to this point.

Even though our problem does not fall under the department you work in, you have gone out of your way to try to assist us. Not once did it feel like we are bothering you with something that does not concern you. You remained friendly, professional and helpful throughout all our correspondence. Even though our problem is not one to be sorted out by your department, you always have a plan on how to take on the challenge and what to do next. It is so refreshing to have someone assist us who does not have an attitude of “it is not my job.

Your friendliness, professionalism and constant feedback is highly appreciated. Your commitment and sheer dedication to great client service is truly commendable.

You are an asset to your firm and we believe your willing and helpful attitude will still bring you far in your career and overall life.

Please pass my email on to your supervisor.

Kind Regards.

Lizé Vorster (August 2015)


Good day Netstar Go (Senior management and staff)

A few months ago, I had given Netstar Go a compliment on excellent products and a few shortcomings that I felt that could be improved upon. One of the areas that I felt had a shortcoming was the restaurants having to be booked 24 hours in advance and as you know we would never know what we want to eat and where we would like to eat it in 2 days’ time. I am so glad to see that this has changed as it is more convenient and up to standard than what I could ask for. Thank you for listening to your customers’ needs and wants and taking it seriously. Most companies wouldn't bother.

Being in the marketing industry as a previous marketing manager and current marketing researcher, I must admit, my standards for customer service and a good product that outweighs the cost of it, is my ultimate goal in choosing a product and with the current economy a product like this is a blessing and definitely is the “Value for Money” that every South African customer should have.

I am pleased to say once again that Netstar Go has really exceeded my expectations. Please understand how difficult this is for me to write because I don’t think I have ever complimented a company for excellent service, excellent products and excellent staff and twice. I am generally the person to really give a company a real piece of my mind when they don’t deliver as promised.

No matter who the person is that I dealt with at the Netstar Go call centre and I say Netstar Go call centre (because I don’t feel the Netstar tracking service part of the company is that good), by just sending an email, I must get the call back to confirm details of what I need, they definitely do go out there and look for good prices and they email you every detail on the quotation as well as I must at least receive a call back to ask if we received it with an over the phone explanation of who, what and why. The operations of the department works like clockwork I must admit and the internal standards have got to be very strict as well as very high in order to deliver quality of this nature.

I have said it once before that, there is only 1 debit order that I am happy to pay on the 1st of every month and that is Netstar Go. It isn’t widely advertised and should I have not got a call from one of the consultants when I took out this policy, I would have missed something really spectacular.

Thank you to the brains behind actually putting a product together as well as the operations staff that run the day to day of this business because I hear the passion every time they get on the phone with me and not a single consultant is ever short of passionate about their job.

There is no doubt that the company does have a long way to go in terms of actually being the ultimate in discounting products and services. That will only come with time and affiliations. With the history of companies that actually tried like Premier direct, Edgars, Discovery, Momentum etc. that I see try to outweigh the costs with the benefits of the products, Netstar go is probably the best coming in at a reasonable price and with the passion that they have it will definitely get to a level that is untouchable by any other company.

Keep up the good work.

Shaneev Boodoo (March 2015)


The quality and efficiency of service I received from Netstar Go is still as excellent as when I joined as a member of the Netstar tracking division in 1996. It is rare for a company to excel in service excellence so consistently over such a long period - I can only but applaud you and encourage you to continue.

Dina Gates (August 2014)


Thank you very much for your tenacity. This has resulted in me getting the right vehicle with low mileage, right price, perfect colour.

You have contacted me at least once a week since your new product was launched in August 2013. No company has given me such a service. You provided me with none other than “Service Excellence”.

Thank you again.

Eileen, Boksburg (November 2013)