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We know that you need a good cup – or two – of coffee to start your day, and that’s why we’ve made it even easier to find your closest Crave Coffee 2-4-1 partner. Use the filter below to search for “region” and “suburb”, so you can get your java fix.

  Step 1: Download www.zapper.com and a voucher will be sent to your phone.
  Step 2: To find a coffee partner in your region and suburb, use the filter above.
  Step 3: Visit the Crave 2-4-1 Coffee partner and order two coffees.
  Step 4: Scan your bill using Zapper.
  (please note that your bill does not reflect your Crave 2-4-1 Coffee discount - the total adjusts to reflect the discount after scanning).*
  Step 5: Pay and go using Zapper.
  Step 6: Enjoy your free cup of java!

*Should your purchase not meet the Crave 2-4-1 Coffee benefit criteria, you are required to uncheck your voucher before paying.

Please take note:

  • First-time Zapper users will receive a once-off R25 voucher that can be used in conjunction with the Crave 2-4-1 Coffee benefit.
  • Only 1 offer can be used at a time.
  • Instal Zapper by the 15th of the month and when your benefit is activated, your voucher will be sent to your Zapper app inbox on the 1st of the following month.
  • Your voucher will automatically be selected when you purchase at participating partners.
  • Discount applies to Zapper payments only (www.zapper.com) and cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.
  • Minimum spend is R30, maximum discount is R25.

In addition to soothing your caffeine desires, each time you use your Crave 2-4-1 Coffee benefit, Crave will feed a child for a day via their charity initiative, Joint Aid Management (JAM).