Hey Netstar GO
Hi Sarah
I’m just checking if you’re for real.
A lot of things are automated, but not this – this is as real as it gets.
I know, but how do I know you’re actually a person?
Allow me to tell you about how my day has been…

What makes Netstar GO different?

When you chat to us, you’re talking to a real person – not a bot. We’re an on-the-go assistant service with the human touch – our people think, care, are experienced, and get things done.

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why Netstar

Why Netstar GO?

You know that Netstar GO is your on-the-go assistant who takes the wheel when you need to focus on more important matters, right? Well, here’s how it benefits you:

  • Saves you time and money
  • Available to you 24/7
  • 250 000+ customer-rated suppliers
  • Secure and easy

Our partners

What can we say, we’re well connected! We’ve partnered with some of SA’s biggest and best-loved brands, to bring you real deals that you can get excited about. These are just some of our top partners.

Hard Rock
Hard Rock
Mugg and Bean


"I’m looking for the latest smart TV, at the best price."

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“I need front row seats to the Trevor Noah show.”

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“What’s the quickest way to renew my driver’s licence?”

“I’m meeting a colleague at The View at 6pm – what’s the traffic like in the area?”

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“Please find me affordable accommodation in Cape Town.”

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“Tell me what movies suitable for kids are showing at cinemas.”

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Netstar GO


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Want to try it before you buy it? Test drive Netstar GO for free for an entire week. Go for it, put it through its paces, and then sign up.

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